Dancing With Jesus, Rooting For Contentment

January 5, 2017

2017, MAN!
We are five days into this new year.

Whoa! Yeah, 2016 flew by -- it actually quite literally flew by. Most of last year was quite a blur for me, but I am so excited that God blessed me with another year to just glorify Him and stay in wonder of Him.

5 Things --

1. I have started running again. It only takes me two alarm snoozes and one big cup of coffee to get myself out of bed before nine, so that I can go on a run.

2. Taking a small break from social media just to refresh my mind instead of refreshing my feed every 2 seconds.

3. 'Enough' is the word I have adopted this year. Daily, I am reminding myself that because Christ is enough, I am enough.

4. Rooting for grace, kindness, light, and just being present in this year.

5. Jesus is really rad. I love that I get to glorify Him in everything that I do. I am continuing to journal and have started a new art journal!! I just love pouring out my prayers and thoughts into journalling.

Hey, do me a small favor, take this moment and just breathe. Yeah, just breathe -- soak this exact moment up. Name five things that you are grateful for or just some of the thoughts that have been rolling around in that head of yours. Repeat. This year will be a year of contentment. Repeat that. This year will be a year of contentment -- not just a year but a life.

I think it is funny how I constantly re-arrange my room, re-assess my surroundings, slightly move the little trinket on my desk. My family makes fun of me for organizing the little sugar containers at restaurants. I am always searching for perfectionism. The canvas on my make-shift easel gets painted over and over again. Paint. Doubt. Scrub. Re-paint. I scroll through dozens of '10 Ways to Be A Better Person'  posts. There is a perception that perfection is a destination -- a real ambition.

Pursuit. I have come to a messy, messed-up, total reckless pursuit -- a pursuit of more. I always want more out of a situation. Envy infuses into me like a liquid poison. My focus has de-focused itself from living a life pleasing to God to living a life pleasing to men. 

1 Timothy 6:11 // "But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness."

There is intention in pursuit. We are to be intentional about what we pursue. Redirect our desire for the world to pull us into acceptance. Righteousness, Godliness, Faith. Love. Patience. Gentleness. Those are all fruits -- life-giving fruits.

I am in a season of life where Single plasters itself on my forehead. I am surrounded by love-enthralled couples who share laughs and tears and good good moments. Knees are kneeling and rings are taking place of friends' wedding finger, This season is a blessing in disguise. It has taken me a long for me to allow God to open my blinders and reveal that truth. I am a sinner. I have wished Singleness away therefore wishing God's plan was different. Sin. Doubt. God has given me this time where I can be devoted to Him. He is molding me and breaking me. He is forming me into the woman of God that my future husband is praying for.

1 Corinthians 7:32 // "But I want you to be without care. He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord -- how he may please the Lord."

Yeah, woah, woah! I know what you are thinking. Mikayla, you just jumped all the way to marriage. Okay, cool down. This verse is not a bash in the head to married couples. It is not disgracing them. If you read the entire context this chapter, you will read that this is a love letter to the singles and widows. Paul is encouraging singles and widows to find joy in this season of life, He is encouraging them to bask freely in simply getting to know God. Yes, marriage is wonderful. God has created that. Singleness is wonderful too. Because we are undevoted to a man in our life, we can FULLY be devoted to Christ. As fantastic as love is, it can never be a substitute for God's love.

Yes, relationships are beautiful and are amazing, but if God has you in this season of singleness, you are to be content.

If you are finding yourself saying "I cannot imagine life without this man", please take a step back. Please re-evaluate your life. Re-evaluate who your strong tower is. Re-evaluate who you are putting your worth in,

Okay, I am going to hop off the marriage-talk for a minute. My morning runs are kind of a reflection time. I love the silence that surrounds me as my feet meet the ground. Sometimes, I blast Jesus jams and sing at the top of my lungs (one perk of living in the middle of no where!! sometimes, I opt for dancing. sorry random cars who pass by every once in a while + JB if you happened to be one of those people, call my agent), or I just talk out loud to my heavenly Father. I have slowly learned to love mornings.

A few thoughts I had the other morning:

- let Christ guide your life
- He provides so much abundance. Just let go.
- Let God invest in your life.

OKAY. JESUS IS GREAT!! Later in my devotions, John 3:30 really stuck out to me.

"He must increase. I must decrease."

Your anxieties. Your fear. Your depression. When we decide to let Christ humble us, He speaks life into our weary hearts. I have been praying for contentment, and He keeps revealing to me these amazing truths. It is amazing how much you can see once your hands are lifted up and God takes off the blinders. He is sufficient for me. Money won't sustain me. A different relationship status won't sustain me. Success won't sustain me. Only the love of our Papa will be sufficient for us. I desire to be genuinely happy when someone gets engaged -- when someone reaches a huge mile stone. I can't point my ruler at the blackboard and teach you all to be content through a four step program. Like perfectionism, contentment isn't a destination. It will be a journey that will be pursued when your small hands are met with the gentle grip of Christ. Dance with Jesus. Let Him lead. My prayer is that my heart will align with Christs's -- I will desire what He desires for me. I will forever waltz with Christ even when Satan wants to cut in.

Trust God, my friend. I know you have heard that a million times, but I will be the one to say it for a million and one. He is so much bigger than us. SO much wiser. He knows the number of every hair on your head. He knows the name of each star dancing in the night sky. His plan is sufficient. Actively, pursue more of Him -- less of the world. Right now. Right here. It is where you are suppose to be. Contentment.

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