Exist For Discipleship Not To Facades

February 12, 2017

Oh my sweet goodness!! My heart is so full. Conversation. I love some good conversation. My heart is not captured by small talk but captivated with heart to hearts. I had some beautiful deep chats yesterday (shout out to you, girl). We dug deep. We got a little messy. We reached each other in a way that awkward "hellos" and eyes drawn to our phones couldn't. 
We are called to invest in each other, Share our hearts and be raw. 
Oh, I live life like a highway way too much. I zoom past those who go a slower pace than me. I get road rage when someone cuts me offs. I forget to show grace. I get impatient when I have to wait. I go too fast and skip creating real relationships. I pass too many faces that read broken, anxious, depressed, fearful, lost. My fear drives me away. It's really scary for me to be raw -- vulnerable. It's scary for me to slow down. stop racing. I am slowly learning -- slowly learning to love it: love good for the soul chats, love sitting with a friend and opening up, love talking about Jesus and His goodness, love sharing my struggles. 

We exist to love people and encourage them to grow in Christ. 

Thanks to my lovely church for teaching me that. The mission to disciple is so near and dear to my heart. The mission to love radically is my great commission. To do that, we need a love for Jesus. Make it a goal, a priority, to love Jesus so much that His love just overflows -- pours out!! Creates a river!! We are called to so much more than living life by the highway. We are called to relationships and doing life with our sweet brothers and sisters! 

Yes, it is okay to reveal the mess -- the chaos.It is okay to get rid of the masks and facades.

It broke my heart yesterday when a girl raised her hand after I asked if anyone has ever felt self-conscious or icky about their body. My hand was also raised though. Through that simple hand raise, there was a "me too" moment. Yeah, me too. I also struggle with body confidence. Yeah, me too. I also struggle with self-esteem. As I carried out that devotion, I watched as her eyes became more attentive. She listened, and I only pray that she will grow through this and be as raw and vulnerable as she was when she raised her hand. I am tempted to reply with a "life is good" when someone asks how I am doing even though my heart is shattering. I am filled with the lie that I am burden when I share my true feelings. Oh, that is so not true. It is okay to share when you are not okay. It is okay to seek help to help you seek Christ. 
My friends, discipleship is our calling. There is a girl in your church begging to be affirmed that she is not the only one struggling. There is a boy in your school is searching for place that it is safe to be himself. There is someone who needs to hear the words "even in the midst of darkness, there is hope". There is hope. It is a common misconception that you can only disciple if you are a global missionary, pastor, small group leader, or adult. 

Matthew 16:15 // "And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".
Go. He did not say to go tomorrow, go when you think you are ready, go when you have a degree in philosophy.  In this context, He is saying "go now". No time to wait! There are people to be discipled. There are burdens to be helped carry. You do not need to travel across the country to disciple. Yes, that is amazing! That is life changing. I, myself, get the opportunity to travel to Guatemala this summer to disciple. But don't forget your ministry at where you are at now. There is community around you now.
My friend and I sat down for coffee yesterday. We grew closer through attending a small group and serving. For both of us, our futures are unknown. We have no clue where are roads are headed to. Adulting is becoming a reality. We are getting jobs. Taking placement testings. Visiting colleges. Man, we are growing up. We flowed to a conversation about our future careers. With me, I am all over the place for my career. I would love to be on the mission field, but I also would love to study business. I would love know more about psychology, but I would also love to pursue my passion in writing and photography. She said something yesterday that absolutely lifted my heart:
"I don't know what my future is, but all I know is that I want to do something that pleases the Lord."
 Our unforeseen future is in the hands of our All-Knowing God. I find that so comforting.We are each designed with the purpose of serving and loving. For right now, All I know about my future is that it is for the Lord. Trust me, I don't know all the answers. Sometimes when I speak, my words are silent, and I am clueless of what to say. That is okay though. You can love radically by simply listening, by being present, by taking your focus off of the screen and meeting their tear-stained eyes with yours. Let's exit this highway. Let's slow down. Pick up the pieces of the torn and shambled. Wave and smile at the slummed and hopeless. Caring about an individual on a personal level. Love people more! Love people more! Love people more

Challenging you to slow down and grab someone's hand and walk this broken road with someone. When I write, I am mainly writing to myself. I am writing my own convictions and challenging myself to grow more in my relationship with Christ. We exist for discipleship and not to facades.

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