To The Girl Who Doesn't Feel Good Enough And The Boy Who Doesn't Feel Brave Enough

February 23, 2017

To the girl who doesn't feel good enough and the boy who doesn't feel brave enough:

I wish I could tattoo these words on your heart -- words of adequacy, affirmation, and vulnerability. I too have felt the crushing blow of powerlessness. I too have witnessed the weakness in the mirror. I too have lowered my feeble limbs to the floor with a white flag lifted. Despite my surrender, the war still wages on. The world combating my heart, my heart combating God's will. My doubts wrapped within the arsenal. My anxieties scarring my barricade. There is an upset in the war. There is a deep love that defeats the scarlet red wounds. There are banners that read of His certain love. Their is no uncertainty there. The sweet name of Jesus echoes in the haze and smoke. He is the strong tower looking over our weak souls. He is the shelter we hide in during war. Not just in war but in the life we walk in daily. He is the hand that holds us when we weep. He is the embrace that surrounds us in our defeat.

Psalm 61:2-4 // 
"From the ends of the earth I call to you,
    I call as my heart grows faint;
 lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
For you have been my refuge,
 a strong tower against the foe.
I long to dwell in your tent forever
 and take refuge in the shelter of your wings."

Rest in this. Find solace here. When our gaze is set on Jesus, the chaos seems a little quieter, because we aren't listening to the world. When we seek Him with our whole heart, our heart's desires begin to line up with our Father's. Our perspective falls in line with the fullness of His compassion.
I love learning more of who our God is. It assures me. It captures my heart of how invested our God is in us. He is invested in you. He is faithful to the end. Oh, that is good. That is so good. The Word is filled with assurance and truth. He longs to be with us forever. He longs for us to seek refuge in Him -- eternally. I love how God never gets tired of us. He is never weary. He never fails. 

Psalms 16:5 // "O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup, You maintain my lot."

David writes of how God is his whole -- not half, not quarter, not an eighth. Wholeheartedly, He desired Christ. He seeked the Kingdom. He did life in mind of the Kingdom. Oh, that is what our Father desires of us. This is where we come into the picture. We are to be intentional about guarding our heart -- letting Christ protect it. We are to be intentional about making Him first. He is above all. He wants us to trust Him in whole. He wants us to find our identity in Him. He wants us to gain our strength and bravery in Him. He wants us to listen.

A mom and son stood in front of the milk section in the grocery store. I stood behind them waiting for my turn. The mom pointed out the better priced milk. She told the son that while we are here "let me teach you something". Wisely, the son listened to his mom and chose that milk. 
Simple, yes. Through the gentle instruction of his mom, he learned. Like the mother, we have a Father who says "hey, let me teach you something". He gives us instructions. Now, because of free will, we have the choice to either listen to His soft voice or follow the loud shout of the world. We have the choice to choose what our Father says is best or what we think is best (secret: His way is always better). Trust Him without restraints. 
He is our Teacher -- patient, humble, wise. Even when we are bullheaded and attempt to be the own king of our thrown, He gently leads us to Him -- hand in hand. Wherever your milk section is, God wants to teach you. There is purpose in His lessons, in His timing, and in His grace. Fill your ears with truth, solace, and of sweet mercies.

"You are not enough". Then God repeats, sweet child you are. 

Christ is not our band-aid, our temporary covering. He is eternal. He is not a fix. He is our living water -- the rest inside our bones. He gives us the assurance through His Word that we are chosen people. We are His daughters, His sons -- the people who He have His son to. The people who He continues to show faithful. The people who His Son wore stripes and punctured hands for. You are so enough, because we are declared enough by our Holy Father. You don't have to be brave as you have an All-Powerful God. Fear less of the world. Fear our Wonderful Creator.  

He so gives you rest. He so wants to take your overwhelmed heart and overwhelm it with grace -- sweet mercies. He knows you like He knows the number of the stars. Trust me, He wants you. He pursues you. Dance with Jesus daily. Dress in grace, mercy, love, and security. Do not warrant yourself to this self-seeking world. Sin has entered so deeply here that it effects where we find our own identity. A smile is on my face as I am reminded of how Christ defeats sins. Love triumphs over our iniquities -- His love. I wish I could hug you and tell you how deeply you are loved. I wish you could hear that God is doing that now. There is so much pain in this place -- tears that stain our perception of who we are and to Whom we belong. Unplug your ears. Let the loud volume of lies be silenced by the megaphone shout of Jesus' calling to us -- to be loved and to love. Humbly, lay down your burdens on the battle line. Put away your own weapons. 

Sweetly, you are Beloved. You are Chosen. He has a grasp on you -- never will He let go of you, never will He lose you in the chaos. Commit to less of the world. Commit to the All-Knowing God who will always walk hand in hand with you when you lift it up. Have grace with yourself. You will not be the perfect human being that society says you are suppose to be. Enough is being a child a God. Brave is surrendering. 

Hurt and brokenness may wage the war, but in the end, Christ wins every time.

Sweet friend, seek the Kingdom. Raise the banner that says "worthy". Wave the flag that says "brave". Loosen the reigns that chain you to the world. Let Christ free you from the sieging war in you. 

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