Five Ways You Can Actively Be Supporting My Mission Trip

March 2, 2017

Five ways you can actively be supporting my mission trip to Guatemala:

1. Pray - pray, pray, pray. Your prayers for my team and myself would mean everything to us. Please pray for the lives that we will come across while over there. Pray for our hearts as God is gently molding us each into His disciples.

2. Give - $2,806. That is the total cost, and we are half way there, friends. When you give, you are giving towards the ministry that we will be doing over in Antigua. You are giving towards the kids' VBS -- where we will sing, dance, and teach about our sweet Jesus. You are giving towards the woman and men that we will come across and hear their stories. You will be giving towards the people I love yet have never set my eyes on. You can easily give online or mail a check to Adventures in Missions. 
You can give by purchasing a key for my fundraiser or booking a photoshoot with me. You can message me if you feel led to give, and I can give you more information. 

I AM $400 short of my first deadline. I would love your help. 

3. Spread the word - Share with your friends and family about my ministry. Let people know about my Guatemala trip and maybe even direct them to me!! 

4. Write cards and letters - I am collecting cards and letters to give out to these sweet people. Be creative!! Have fun with it. Write out your heart onto these cards for me to give out when I get to Guat.

5. Keep updated - you can subscribe to my newsletters that I send out every few weeks. In those emails, you will receive an update on my fundraising, new fundraisers, and more Jesus rants. My blog will be filled with more blabs and updates as well!! You can subscribe on this blog.

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