Humans Are Humans

May 10, 2017

I moved my bed to the window so I wake up to the sun dancing on my sheets.
 I go to sleep counting the stars and waiting for the moon to fully set. 
I think the night is the hardest, because the only chaos that goes on is in my head. 
Who knew silence could echo. To be quite frank, I've been half assing it lately. 
My heart hasn't been in much. I drag my feet up everyday and walk around like a rag doll. 
The harsh reality has become that I have been placing my faith in a human instead of the Creator who painted the skies I watch so fondly.
 I've dug a hole in my own self pity and have been too prideful to reach out for His hand. 
Humans are humans. 
They let us down and leave us in naive vulnerability. 
I wake up to a new reality now. My faith doesn't belong to humans. 
My joy isn't reliant to humans.
 Fragile and small, 
We are so embraced by the One who won't let us down. 
I'm glad God is a patient teacher, because I keep having to learn about this over and over.

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