Fill The Space

June 17, 2017

I think it's a funny thing --
It's all so rhythmic yet chaotic.
It's all so free yet imprisoned --
Imprisoned to social biases and unnatural walls.
There are unspoken expectations that are so loudly pushed.
Chairs are left spaced out just so we don't have to "uncomfortably" bump elbows with a stranger. 
We call neighbors strangers, because it has become strange for us to share a real conversation. 
A real conversation not being a "hi! How are you? Good." and repeat.
This has become funny to me, because our purpose isn't to space ourselves and sit away from people. 
Our purpose is to meet each other at the table and become listeners;
Become leaders, mentors, + disciples. 
I have hope for a change though. 
I see it in my own community;
Less chairs are empty, more elbows are touching, better conversation is happening. 
Fill that space.
Don't fear being messy and real.
Fill it with something more than being comfortable. 

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