Jesus Is Not A Quick Fix

June 1, 2017

Too often, we take the short cut
We opt for the quick fix
The path that consumes less time.
We all recited the poem that reads
"and I, I, took the path less traveled by".
Yet, it was only applicable, because we were graded in recitation.
We never actually put that poem to thought.
We see a mess
And hesitate to even step through it.
Our quick fix is to let the next person clean it up.
We are "easier is better" minded humans.
Google searches of "how to become a better person" pop up in our history browser.
You look at quotes rather than the dusty Bible on your desk.
You think the Word is boring and scroll through the Gram instead.
When trial comes your way, you pray it away.
A quick fix
Jesus is not a quick fix.
Prayer is not a toll to get things your way.
Our Jesus is more than that.
He bore nails on His wrists and skin-tears on his back
Not to become a quick fix
But our eternal Rescuer.
Those small mantras are good and all,
But let me give you the bigger picture:
A loving Father gave away His Son for this World --
A world of evil and mockery.
Men gave away their life just to read this Word.
This Word that was written so that we know Him more
Not just for the times when we feel broken.
It's so that we may know truth through goodness,
Heartbreak, Anxiety, Depression,
Sickness, Milestones, Celebrations, and Wonders.
His Word is not a quick fix.
It's so we get to know the Lord who bore freedom through His scars.
Please use it wisely
For the beauty of it is that it is given to us in grace.
Because here is the difference between Jesus and a quick fix.
A quick fix is just that
Not long lasting.
Jesus is forever.
Always there.

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